The present-day business world is inconceivable without international contacts. If you want to develop your business, create your own business and make progress in it, you have to set international contacts. We are ready to help you with this!

One of the basic activity of “AlekS” company is doing various services which are connected with China.

Our company has worked professionally in this sphere for many years and can provide any business information about China very quickly and qualitatively.
Basic disciplines of company’s activity are:

  • providing of goods from China;
  • transport logistics;
  • organization of producers’ visits all over China;
  • providing a complete range of services in getting and protection of intellectual property right;
  • registry, jurisdictional and accounting services for business in China;
  • development, planning and introduction of innovative projects.

Our strong sides are:

  • long-standing and successful experience in foreign economics;

The structure of “AlekS” company gives an opportunity to work with maximum efficiency. Employees of our company are professionals who have long long-standing experience in international trade, logistics, transport and customs clearance.

We can guarantee maximum results with minimal expenses of finance and time.

Reliable information about all kinds of goods.

If you are interested in impartial, accurate and timely searches of Chinese producers, we are ready to provide them to you. They are selected by quality and price.

It is not a secret that China is a country where you can find the all goods at any price and quality.

    It is necessary to take into consideration 3 criteria while searching for producers in China:
  • the best price;
  • the best quality;
  • factories and plants in China with the best range of goods.
    These 3 criteria are necessary to understand what is the most topical for you.

“AlekS” company has long-standing work experience with a big producers database and can provide you such interesting goods from such producer, which combines all 3 criteria mentioned above.

In order to present you exactly what you need, please state everything you are looking for in China in every detail.

Specify what you want to buy. Particularly, you can depict technical characteristic of goods, speak about materials your goods have to be made from. It is better if you specify needed quantity and send pictures. All of these facts give us more information and help to find needed goods for you.

What you receive:

  • reliable information about goods you are interested in;
  • opportunity to clinch the most profitable export and import details;
  • guarantee of goods quality and orders finished in time.




Delivery from China:

It is well known that goods delivery from China is an important component of successful business with China. That is why we use individual approaches in delivery questions: we understand all wants of those clients which ship not batch of goods and those which ship tens of containers per year month.

There are optimum ways for shipment for every kind of goods. Many things depend on organization of shipment process and on documents for getting customs clearance.

One of the disciplines of “AlekS” company is goods and freights delivery. We cooperate with the biggest transport companies from China, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. It gives us an opportunity for various range of services for goods and freights delivery:

  • freights consolidation in any part of China;
  • services of all procedures on the customs;
  • providing stores all over China;
  • preparing of all needed export documents.


    We prepare all the documents for getting customs clearance:
  • sanitary-hygienic documents;
  • TUV certificates and “Rostest”;
  • Certificates of conformity;
  • Certrificates of goods origin (form ST-1 and From A);
  • Veterinary certifications.

We control all stages of freight delivery.

Organization of producers visits.

“AlekS” company can organize visits to producers’ place on the territory of China.


Nowadays worldwide tendency is increase of “nonmaterial assets” weight including objects of intellectual property. Intellectual property turned into one of the most important components of successful industrial-commercial activity of enterprises. Processes of creation, protection and realization of innovations got primary meaning.

Thanks to professionalism, reliability, high standards and qualifications/competencies of our employees. Actively we take part in conferences and seminars devoted to different questions of intellectual property objects.

We offer our customers a complete range of services in getting and protection of rights for objects of intellectual property, beginning from consulting, preparing of documents, and protection documents getting, and to jurisdictional protection of interests of intellectual property objects owners.

We dray your attention to that, thanks to our close cooperation and graduated business relations with patent attorneys and other specialists in the sphere of intellectual property, we can guarantee your interest presentation in any country of the world.

The range of our company services includes:

  • patent of inventions, industrial samples, useful models or plants sorts;
  • регистрация торговых марок (логотипов, товарных знаков, знаков для товаров и услуг), доменных имен, штрих-кодов, авторских прав;
  • registration of trade marks/logos, trade signs, signs for goods and services, smelting names, barcodes and copyright;
  • creation and registration of contracts about handover/transfer of rights and licensed agreements;
  • performance/execution of all kinds of patent inventions;
  • suppression of infringement/irregularities and protection of intellectual property objects;
  • payment of patent duties/customs;
  • performance/execution of professional translations of patents and other documents;
  • consulting and other informative service.


Registry, jurisdictional and accounting services for business in China.

    We offer complete range of registry, jurisdictional and accounting services for people who have their own businesses or for those who just want to open it in China:
  • registration of jurisdictional personal –registration of companies in China with foreign investments; registration of reprentatives of foreign companies in China;
  • complex help for your business –jurisdictional and accounting services, escorting/accompaniment of economic activity of companies and representatives in China;
  • checking of trustworthy and valuation of financial conditions/capitals of your partner (Chinese companies);
  • help in organization of visits to China, carry on negotiations with the help of qualified interpreters;
  • clerical service and registration of companies in Hong Kong; services in getting accounts in banks of Hong Kong.



You can get more detailed information about all services, offers and innovative projects of “AlekS” company from our specialists sending corresponding written request in section “Contacts”.