About Company

The present-day economy requires the use of effective technoligies which allow us to reduce expenses, save time, raise competitiveness and increase the profits of our enterprise.

One of such business-technologies is handing over to outside contractors definite functions (outsourcing), which are not a part of the enterprises basic activity, but which are necessary for the organization and successful business process.

Aleks International Trade Comp.,Limited is a merchantile-service company with stable and reliable work in the market for more than 15 years.

The central office of the company is located in China (Hong Kong).

The company's basic activity is organization of merchantile cooperation between producers of China and foreign companies, and also promotion of various goods on the world market.

About Company AlekS

Your orders are placed only on our factories. Thus, we can control quality of producing goods on all stages: from purchase of raw materials to the moment of ready goods shipment to consumers.

It's well known that China is called “factory of the world”, and it corresponds to reality. Interest to Chinese producer is growing with every year. We guarantee cooperation with factories and plants that are certified under ISO and included in the national list of the country's producers. This fact eliminates delivery of poor-quality goods.

Responsibility, industry and professionalism are those 3 whales which are the basic of our langstanding activity.

We will be bery glad to offer you a mutually beneficial experience and qualitative service all over the world.